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YouTube: Saxophone cover – Versace on the Floor (Bruno Mars)

Wow! This song sounds so good being played with a Saxophone.

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Saxophone Teachers: How to Get the Best From Your Students

Teachers are always pondering over the question of how to get the best from their students and make sure they excel. Many teachers use some sort of technique with their students to make sure they keep themselves up to the mark. For a few tips and ideas […]

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Saxophone Lessons: Online Learning vs. Regular Classes

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument. Due to its presence in various bands, many people are interested in learning how to play the saxophone. If you are a beginner and want to join beginners saxophone lessons, you have many choices, some of which are online classes and […]

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YouTube: Saxophone cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson

Just listening to the way the saxophone is played here, doesn’t it make you want to learn and buy one?

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Maintaining Your Saxophone

Maintaining Your Saxophone   While we have already seen how to clean your saxophone in the article: In this article, we will discuss some small ways in which you can keep your sax ready for play and ensure that the life of the instrument is prolonged. […]

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Myths about Saxophone and Saxophone Lessons

Myths about Saxophone and Saxophone Lessons   The saxophone is an instrument played with a mouthpiece. They are generally made of brass but are available in many types in the recent era. They have been the basis of a lot of assumptions and myths that are floating […]

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Saxophone Lessons: Saxophone Buyer’s Guide

Saxophone Lessons:  Saxophone Buyer’s Guide When you first start out to take saxophone lessons, you realize that you can do a lot more and learn to play sax a lot faster if you actually had a sax available to you at all times. This means either renting […]

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Saxophone Lessons: Fundamental Techniques to Teach Saxophone Students

Saxophone Lessons: Fundamental Techniques to Teach Saxophone Students In whatever undertaking one is attempting to pursue, one is inclined to believe that if he gets off at the right foot, he is likely to succeed.  This could hold true for students of saxophone lessons.  As a teacher, […]

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Saxophone Lessons: Choosing a Saxophone Teacher

Saxophone Lessons:  Choosing a Saxophone Teacher   The sax is a complicated instrument and not something you can pick up in a few online tutorials. While it is easy to play the sax, it becomes progressively more and more complex as your learning curve rises. At some […]

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The Benefits of Home or One-on-One Saxophone Lessons

The Benefits of Home or One-on-One Saxophone Lessons   The learning capability of children, and even adults for that matter, are oftentimes affected by the learning pace and environment. This holds true especially for those who are trying to learn a new skill like saxophone music lessons. […]

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