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Tips for Mastering the Saxophone

Tips For Mastering The Saxophone The saxophone is a woodwind instrument that is usually played with jazz music. There are many kinds of saxophone, but the fundamentals are basically the same. The saxophone might seem like a daunting instrument to learn, but it is actually easy. The […]

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Selecting a Jazz Saxophone Teacher

Selecting A Jazz Saxophone Teacher Some people rarely consider the saxophone as their first musical instrument. They think of it as a boring way to make music and therefore not worth the time. That is a common misconception about sax, because it’s actually quite fun. When you […]

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Alto Saxophone Lessons

Alto Saxophone Lessons The saxophone is a woodwind instrument which has three kinds that are identified by their size and sound. Of the three, the most commonly used today is the alto saxophone. We can see this instrument in jazz music and some orchestras. The alto saxophone […]

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Tips for Selecting a Saxophone Teacher

Tips For Selecting A Saxophone Teacher Saxophone is a magnificent instrument. It became so popular that it eventually became one of the main symbols of the jazz era. Yet practically this instrument often remains a bit of a mystery. Most people don’t even think about playing it […]

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Tips In Playing The Saxophone

Tips In Playing The Saxophone Have you ever wanted to play one musical instrument but just can’t decide on which one to play? To help you with the decision, let me tell you that saxophone is a great choice. With its distinctive sound, the saxophone has provided […]

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Kid Saxophone Lessons in Singapore

Kid Saxophone Lessons In Singapore Saxophone is usually called as sax. It is a conical musical instrument that is associated mainly with jazz music. Learning the saxophone is fun and provides a great source of entertainment. If you are eager to learn saxophone and do not know […]

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How to Master the Saxophone

How To Master The Saxophone Mastering a saxophone is extremely exciting but requires some effort. It requires a lot of practice and expansion of your knowledge of the saxophone in order to succeed. A strong desire and passion to excel are the best traits in order to learn […]

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How to Buy an Alto Saxophone

How To Buy An Alto Saxophone Identifying and selecting a musical instrument according to performance and budget is not an easy process. It requires a lot of patience before you can select the best instrument. Instruments that require air to blown through them in order to produce […]

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Saxophone Jazz Lessons

Saxophone Jazz Lessons The saxophone is a conical shaped instrument made up of brass with a single mouthpiece. The saxophone is commonly used with popular music, big bands, and particularly jazz. Jazz is a kind of strong music with complex rhythms. It was first played at the beginning […]

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What To Expect In Beginner Saxophone Lessons?

What To Expect In Beginner Saxophone Lessons? The saxophone is a conical shaped instrument made up of brass with a single mouthpiece. The saxophone is made up of a thin metal conical tube of brass to form a bell like shape at the bottom. There are some […]

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