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Teenage Saxaphone Lesson

A Life Transforming Experience Of Mastering The Saxophone Awaits

Always yearned to master the saxophone? Love the jazzy sounds of the saxophone? Or simply love the idea of playing jazz music?

The good news is that you can play the saxophone! Even easily and quickly. This is all possible, if you master the correct habits and learn through a step by step methodology. Imagine, playing a simple tune even at your first lesson.

Most of our students are able to play a simple tune, after one hour. With proper breathing techniques and finger positioning, the time required to master the saxophone would be shortened, even up to half.

With our teenage saxophone lessons, you will enjoy:

Increased Passion For Playing The Saxophone With Fun And Inspiring Teenage Saxophone Lessons
Mastering Correct Posture, Blowing Techniques And Fingering Positions For Strong Powerful Notes
Introduction To Chords And Scales For Playing The Jazz Tunes On The Saxophone For Popular Songs
Customized Saxophone Lessons, Designed According To Your Objectives And Learning Styles

Playing the saxophone makes you unique and stand above the rest. Your friends will be impressed by your saxophone playing skills. In fact, you can finally acknowledge your musical talent that was waiting to be discovered. Our saxophone teachers will guide you through and cut away the mis-perceptions of the difficulty of learning the saxophone.

This is an example of the structure of the Teenage Saxophone Lessons. It will be slightly amended to your learning styles and teacher’s teaching styles.

Lesson 1 – Building A Strong Foundation

  • Learning the dos and nots of holding the saxophone.
  • Mastering a proper embouchure for higher sound production with minimal blowing effort.
  • Learning critical techniques for controlling the diaphragm to become a powerhouse sound machine.

Lesson 2 – Preparing To Become A Master Saxophonist With Proper Habits

  • Understanding the importance of mastering the right habits right from the start.
  • Correct posture and finger practice techniques for powerful sounds and minimal effort
  • Practicing lesson 1 and 2 to gain a strong understanding of the foundation

Lesson 3 – De-mystifying The Music Language

  • Simplifying the music language through understanding the basic theories
  • Reading and understanding music chords and scales can be easy.
  • Follow the saxophone teacher! By following the saxophone teacher and phrasing their sounds, you can play the simple songs easily and quickly

Lesson 4 – Introducing The Saxophonist’s First Song

  • Mastering simple songs to play on the saxophone
  • Incorporating all the proper habits and practicing it on the simple songs
  • Gaining confidence about your saxophone abilities and enjoying the instrument
  • Perform your first song and perform it for friends and family!

Lesson 5 – Mastering New Advanced Techniques

  • Flutter tongue and growling techniques to strengthen your diaphragms for mastering control over airstreams
  • Advanced patterns and phrasing. Saxophone teacher will introduce more complicated patterns for different saxophone tunes and notes.

Lesson 6 – Advanced Songs For Advanced Saxophonists

  • Tone production, which focuses on coordinating mouth, tongue and fingers to achieve the right pitch and sounds.
  • Achieving long tones, which focuses on hitting the right a good tone through   embouchure development and breathe control.   
  • Introduction of more advanced songs and practicing the advanced techniques

Are you prepared to become musically talented like our other teenage students? Be a part of our satisfied customers today!

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