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We Love Helping Our Music Students Succeed

We are delighted to share that many of our students fulfill their musical dreams by taking saxophone lessons with teachers matched by us.

Here are just a few success stories from real students over the years.

In case you were wondering, this is all genuine feedback  obtained without bribes or favours. Ask us if you want to find out more.

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We love to hear how you are progressing with the music teacher we introduced to you. Feel free to send us your feedback so we could share your joy. And if there is anything you think we can do better, let us know too!

Testimonials from Satisfied Students

I Enjoy Relaxing With My Saxophone Every Night.
January 16, 2015

RhonWanted to learn the saxophone to relax after a tough day at work. And it became a passion! Now, I have even found a band to perform with! Thanks for your great introduction. I am impressed with the rapid progress in my skills and abilities.

~ Rhon, Hougang

Thanks For Excellent Customer Service.
January 16, 2015


When I arrived in Singapore, I wanted to continue my saxophone lessons. Thank goodness, I found your website and contacted you. Thanks for introducing such a great saxophone teacher and providing useful information on buying a saxophone. I was really impressed with your service. Thanks!

~ Jeff, Robinson Walk

Now I Can Play The Saxophone!
January 16, 2015

JennyI have always wanted to play the saxophone but never had the time or money when I was younger. Now, I finally took action and called up. I am glad as the response was quick and professional. I also really liked the teaching methodology of my saxophonist teacher. He simplifies and make it easier to handle the new motor-skills of playing the saxophone. Highly recommended!

~ Jenny, Robinson Quay

Paul And Sandy With Their New Saxophones!
January 16, 2015

Paul & Sandy

My children have been pestering me to learn the saxophone for years and I finally gave in. I am glad as they love playing the saxophone now. Thanks for introducing such professional teachers!

~ Meiling, Mother of Paul & Sandy, Queensway

I Perform For School Now.
January 7, 2015

teenThanks for introducing such a good saxophone teacher! He really makes lessons fun and interesting. After 6 months of lessons, I joined the school band and have progressed to becoming one of the saxophone players. Never thought it was possible but it is now!

~ Sarah, Novena

Here Comes The Musician!
January 7, 2015

boy1I have always thought that I had zero, no, minus musical talent. Luckily, I didn't give up on myself and decide to take up saxophone lessons. Now I can play it confidently and well! Thanks.

~ Daniel, Clementi

Thanks For Your Amazing Service.
January 7, 2015

childSammy loves music since he was young and kept learning different instruments. When he requested for the saxophone, we thought he was too young but your teacher made it interesting and he has even performed for several family gatherings. Thanks again.

~ Gerard, Father of Sammy, Yishun

Paul Enjoys His Lessons. Thanks!
January 7, 2015

boyEver since he started listening to jazz songs, he has expressed interest in saxophone lessons. Now, he has been learning for one month and we see the passion and improvements. Thanks for introducing the teacher so quickly! And he is very professional too.

~ Eliza, Mother Of Paul, East Coast

Daniel Is So Proud Of Himself Now
January 7, 2015

boy3Daniel always wanted to play the saxophone and we finally bought him one. And registered for classes.

Within one month, there was rapid progress. Now, he is very determined to master the saxophone and we are so proud of him!

~ Manuela, Bedok Reservoir

Thanks for Your Interesting Lessons
January 7, 2015

 adult2Always wanted to play Saxophone as I loved Jazz music. Now, I can play simple tunes on the radio and it makes me so excited! Thanks for your fast response and introducing such a professional teacher to me!

~ Rommel, Hougang

Jesline Enjoys Her Lessons A Lot!
January 7, 2015

girlEver since she took the lessons, she has been playing the saxophone lesson at home. It is a joy to see her rapid progress from lesson 1 to now.

Thanks for introducing such a great saxophonist teacher! I will definitely refer your company to friends who are keen to learn saxophone

~ Melina, Mother of Jesline, Bukit Timah

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We are delighted to share that many of our students fulfill their musical dreams by taking saxophone lessons with teachers matched by us. Here are just a few success stories from real students over the years.

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